How To Make A Landing Page For Affiliate Marketing (THAT CONVERTS!)

In this video you’ll learn exactly how to make a landing page for affiliate marketing that converts traffic into sales! Whether you’re using free traffic strategies or paid traffic like Facebook ads, Google ads, etc., having a high quality landing page is critical to your success in affiliate marketing!

The idea is that you’ll send your traffic to a landing page, which will capture the email address of the visitor, then send the visitor to the affiliate offer you are promoting. Once they’ve signed up to your email list, you will have their email address saved in your email list to continue marketing to them indefinitely into the future.

Even if the visitor doesn’t convert on the initial visit to your offer, having their email address added to your list through your affiliate marketing landing pages will allow you to send them the offer again through email marketing, which dramatically increases the conversion rate.

I hope you enjoy the training in this landing page tutorial. Leave a like, comment, and subscribe to the channel for more videos about how to make money online with affiliate marketing!

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