Website Vs YouTube Channel Affiliate Marketing (Which Is Better?)

Website vs YouTube Channel Affiliate Marketing: Pros and Cons of starting a youtube channel vs a website for affiliate marketing in 2021. If you are interested in making money online, you might be wondering which is better for affiliate marketing, niche websites or youtube channels? In this video we are going to discuss that in detail.

Both of these can be effective strategies for making passive income online, and there are many similarities. But the ways in which you will need to implement your strategies will be different with affiliate niche websites and affiliate YouTube channels.

The Google algorithm is different from the YouTube algorithm, and they each rank content based on slightly different criteria. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach, as we will discuss in the video. Hopefully after seeing this review, you will be able to decide which approach is right for you!

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Similarities In The Process
01:39 Why Organic Search Traffic Reigns Supreme

Affiliate YouTube Channel PROS

03:07 Videos Convert Well
03:56 YouTube Videos Can Rank Quickly
05:03 Content Visibility
05:32 YouTube SEO Is Less Technical

YouTube Channel CONS

06:04 You Don’t Actually Own The Property
07:19 Requires Additional Content and Optimization

Affiliate Website PROS

08:12 You Own The Property
08:41 Websites Can Be Easier To Sell
09:37 Can Be Used To Power Up Other Properties

Website CONS

11:01 Content Can Take Longer To Rank
11:37 Requires More Technical Skill

Additional Thoughts

11:56 How To Let Google Tell You Which Is Better
12:48 YouTube And Google Ranking Algorithms Are Different
13:06 A Comprehensive Approach To Consider
14:20 Final Verdict

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